Screening: Waste Land: Art and Transformation Film: Vic Muniz

Vic Muniz definitely changed the lives of all the people he met from the landfill. The most important part of the entire art work was the fact that the minds of the people that worked in the landfill changed for the better. They realized that while working in the landfill they were satisfied with the life they had.  Once they realized that there is more to them and their ideas outside of the landfill, a whole new world opened up to them. After the landfill closed, the people that helped Muniz found different jobs and were becoming more happy because they were out of their difficult lifestyle. Muniz explained that when someone has nothing they want everything, and when someone has everything they do not want anything. It is incredible that such a small gift to the people in lower middle class neighborhood was so helpful to boost their overall perception of life. The way the people saw art was also changed because they realized that Muniz’s project had a deeper meaning just like other artists with different perspectives.

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