DESIGN=CHANGE – The Ocean Conservancy by Celina Obrer


We often forget about our dependency on our oceans; from the food we eat to the air we breath. We have to share this Earth with every living creature on this planet; as humans, we’ve only taken. By disregarding nature and hurting our planet for our gains and benefits we forget how much we rely on it everyday. We must educate ourselves to understand what we have done to our world, and use all of our resources to the best of our abilities to fix it.

I selected Ocean Conservancy because it focuses on battling climate change, protecting the arctic, combating acidification, and cleaning up trash that threatens our oceans as well as the well being of all humans and wildlife as a whole. The ocean is important to me; it is beautiful, mysterious, and terrifying. As a Miami-born South Floridian, the ocean is a big part of my life and my identity. But right now, the ocean and its inhabitants are hurting, and I truly believe the best way to combat this epidemic, is through education and action.

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