Design is Change

 by Barbie Clervil

Branches United Methodist Is the nonprofit organization I selected for this poster campaign series. The reason I chose them is simply because they are more than an organization. THE reason I state that their more than an organization is due to the fact that they see each other as a second family. Branches United Methodist is an institution that works with youth and adults to assist them in their lives and guide them hand in hand.MY poster series was created to embody the Code and mentality of the staff at Branches. Which is to go, and lend a helping hand, whether it be for the community or a member of the congregation. The reason I chose to use hands for the main visuals was due to the fact that Branches takes it to the next step. Instead of an organization building itself up. The people of Branches band together as a collective to build the world around. Which demonstrated to me personally that this was an institution that I could see myself being apart off. 

All in all Branches is program is structured in a three tier set up. In which the grow programs help enrich and build students that fall in to the Grades of Kindergarten through 5th grade. While the Climb Program is structured for middle school and high school students. Finally the achieve program which helps with managing finances and prepping you to battle the real world. 

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