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I have been passionate about birds since my very first cockatiel, Sandy. She was only 7 years old when she passed away and I felt responsible because of my ignorance when it came to her care. I have made it my life long goal to care for these amazing animals and currently own 2 cockatiels that are around 14 years old. It may seem like a long time but they are only half way through their estimated lifespan. When people purchase birds, a lot of them don’t realize how long birds live for. Where do these birds end up when they are unwanted or when they can’t be cared for? Some end up outside and will end up dying as a result of people’s ignorance but most will end up in sanctuaries and non-profit adopt shelters. The only difference is that these places are unknown because of lack of advertisements or publicity. The Humane Society is the most common adoption shelter known but they do not have bird adoptions. I believe that these shelters need a voice to spread the word that birds are available for adoption or that you can surrender your birds to a safe environment so that they live out their long lives. My poster will emphasize on how long these birds truly live, where they can be surrendered, where they can be adopted, nutrition, and promote the organization itself to encourage people to visit them.

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