Design is Change posters

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KimberlyEscobar, GRA4818, Designischange

I’m honored to have worked along the Non-human rights project organization to bring awareness to these autonomous animals that deserve the right to be in control of their own lives. Instead of being humiliated and used for human entertainment, locked up in cages, hunted for their body parts, or to be forcefully tested on. The goal that this organization is striving for is to change Autonomous animals from “Things” to Legal persons, meaning that they are not invisible to judges in a courtroom. The non human rights project works through litigation, public policy advocacy, and education to secure legal rights for these animals. The purpose and concept of my series of posters is to show the greed of money over these innocent living beings. to bring awareness in avoiding attending or paying for items or entertainment where animals are involved because every choice YOU make will have an impact on them. Every decision you take makes a change don’t depend on companies or the government to make decisions we the people are who decide what we want to see in the world so every effort counts. I worked with this organization because I care to see a change, this is my Design is change project, Hope you enjoy & spread awareness.

Design Is Change Posters

These are a series of posters I created for the non-profit organization Greenpeace. Greenpeace uses peaceful protest and creative communication to bring awareness to a wide range of environmental issues. For the first four posters, I used the metaphor of the broken heart to depict the damage being done to environments such as the Arctic, the atmosphere, the ocean, and the Amazon. The middle two posters are to inspire people to find out more about the issues being addressed in the posters, which are the act of taking a pledge to join a food movement for a healthier and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and the critical condition of the bees and what that means to us as a species. The last four posters focus on plastic pollution prevention and celebrate the people that have made small changes in their lifestyle to reduce plastic waste by doing things like refusing plastic straws and bags, bringing your own metal cutlery, and using reusable water bottles, as well as show the people that haven’t made these changes that these changes are doable and will make a difference if we do it as a collective group. I do this by using a playful approach with a combination of puns or a play on words and colorful illustrations, which is a contrast from many of the plastic pollution posters out right now which are educational but make the viewer feel overwhelmed and helpless to the issue. These posters were made as part of the Design is Change project and were donated to Greenpeace.