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Licious mood is a social-media app about food, yes food!!! you create your profile to receive healthy and yummy recipes and also take pictures of your meals and share them with others to look it up and give tips/comments on them. The app provides an interacting- learning game in recommendations where you can choose the color you want and get a “delicious advice”about the special ingredients you must include in your meals for a delicious mood.

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DogPal is a must have app for dog owners and a way to have all their information in one place. You can create separate profiles for your dogs and store all their important information such as veterinarian, grooming, proof of ownership, vaccines, and emergency. With this app, you will also have access to a newsfeed of articles and tips for your dogs that is updated weekly. You’ll have access to a dogcam feature where you can store all your dogs photos, instead of having them all mixed on your phones camera roll. Have all your dog files right on hand with DogPal!

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by Natalie Leizan

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Inspiquote is an easy and enjoyable app that allows you to look at a variety of quotes. It also allows you to a see the latest art. You can submit your own quote or art work. Save your favorites and check again for new quotes and photos every week. Also search for hundreds of quotes from your favorite author or motivator. It was designed to inspire all around!


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The app is called LiquoRun.  It is meant for parties  where there is alcohol.  It uses the user’s current location to show what liquor stores are open within their vicinity at the time of checking with the app.  The user can also search for a certain drink and see which store is open and has it in stock.  When the user searches for a drink it also shows possible combinations and alternatives.

The user can also create an account where they can add five favorite drinks and see what their recent searches were.  In addition, they can rate drinks.

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New Hues is a location-based social search mobile app for artists interested in collaborating with other artists from either similar or different mediums within their area. The app will target all visual artists including painters, sculptors, digital artists and more and be simple to use for even the most technological disabled user. The goal is to encourage more dialogue within the art world it to make it easier to connect and learn with other artists. It will be available on the App store and Google Play and will be free for users to download but will generate revenue through ad space. Some examples of similar apps include Tinder (for dating), Letgo (for selling unwanted items in your possession) and Tile (for finding lost items with the help of the community).

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The following is a Nanny App for Parents. The app is a proposition for the camp that I work for. They have a database of over 200+ counselors in Miami who have already been background checked and have worked for the camp before. Staff members reside all over Miami from Key Biscayne to Boca Raton. The user will choose his/her location and a nanny would be sent almost instantly. The parent would place his location and the hours that he would need the service and he would be connected to the Nanny and his/her profile. Once connected to the profile the parent could look at the age, proximity, and years in the organization of the counselor. Additionally, during the hours of babysitting, the parent and the nanny would be able to track hours and overtime, keep in touch, and share important data about the children.Mockup“>Click here to test the App