Postmodernism tile 6×6

This Is what I came up with for my post modern tile inspired by even though you don’t like him David Carson. I really like the photo more than anything . i wanted to create something with out the pc but i will do that next time.

Design for Good

Checkpoints for the Elderly – KinCare

Creating a small group of diverse people who are assigned an elderly person so the burden isn’t put only on one person. The group is based on volunteer, each person is involved in the same situation and can help each others dependents. There is a map app involved where you are able to help based on your own personal schedules and location. There is in increasing population of elderly with the aging Baby Boomers and there will be a large demand for care, health care, and emotional wellbeing.

Group chat and app

App with health monitor – person can be aware of elderly person’s vitals

Like an Uber for health

Possible Sponsors:
Elderly Healthcare products:
Firefly Cellphones:
Private Bus or Shuttle Services
Pharmaceutical Companies
Lawyers (Wills Attorneys)

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