Design is change posters

Music4All is a non-profit organization that focus on hands on training of everything music to children with and without disabilities as well as adults. The founder, Britael Benitez is a Dj that wanted to give his time and music experience to people of all ages. This organization aims to help children and adults get motivated, cope with challenges, helps them to bond and develop positive attitudes.

I worked together with Music4All to design impactful concepts using colors and shapes to create a sustainable solution. Each poster was created by using the different equipment used by DJs. The bright colors were inspired by the neon color lights that DJ’s use to give an exciting environment for its audience. I believe that the bright colors and faces will capture the eye of my audience. My goal is to bring awareness to this organization even just by a little with these posters. These posters were made as part of the Design is Change project and were donated to the organization, Music4All.

Music is for All

Link to youtube Video:

App Design

This is called Kgasa. It is a aimed to give kpop fans a translation lyrics app for their favorite idol’s music. The app contains fast, accurate and high quality English, Korean and Romanization translation lyrics to the hottest kpop music. App users can create a favorites lists and search easy to songs, albums and artists new and old. Available in Apple store.

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