The crate collection highlights a piece of my intimate vinyl selection. All of these records are used as tools to my personal DJing experience; their genre is derived from contemporary underground electronic dance music, ranging from house, deep house to techno. The distinct and rich sounds of each of these styles are brought to life by each of the records in this collection, and while the music is rightfully the most highlighted component in a record, its visual design an aesthetic, work as an encapsulating layer to their essence and to their listening experience. The composition of the sleeve, accompanied by the album artwork and design exhibit a variety of graphical arrangements which explore multiple approaches to typography and choice of color. These elements of visual design form a direct relationship with the spirit of each record and by that, they are also used as tools in the art and experience of DJing.

Posters for Miami Dade

Why do all go dogs go to heaven because their lives can be on hell on earth. But our help can change that there are hundreds of pets taken in by the Miami Dade Animal Services a week while only a fraction are adopted out. With these posters I hope emphasize the joy of adoption, the reward of volunteering, and fulfilling nature of all services offered by the Miami Dade animal services. With the bright colors of the energetic sketches; along with muted tones of abstracted figures that are cropped on moments of intimacy familiar to anyone.alldadeposterjaredroper