Design Is Change – CDS

Children’s Disaster Services is the non-profit organization I decided to create my ten posters on. CDS help respond to traumatized children across the nation after natural disasters. They provide children with individualized attention, encourage them to express themselves, thereby starting a healing process to full recovery.

To start off, I knew I wanted to work with an organization that related themselves to assisting children. I began with a couple of sketches and the majority of them were too straight forward in my opinion, I wanted something with a deeper meaning and would make my audience think a bit more. My organization is always there to provide to these children, then began the creation of the large metal pot as a symbol of “giving”.

In these posters, I have illustrated what CDS provides to these children inside of a large metal pot, often used to feed hundreds after natural disasters.

Design is Change

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation is the non-profit organization I decided to do my posters on. They help give home to dogs, cats, and various other small animals. They also have fostering, volunteering, and educational programs to raise awareness and help the animals.

I decided to base my posters on old propaganda posters as well as Bauhaus inspired artwork. I did so because those old posters were usually bold and straight to the point, so that anyone could understand the concept easily. Since these would appeal to the general audience, I did not want to put too much concept on them so I made them very bold and with a single word that dealt with adopting, fostering, and educating.

Design is Change Posters


I have been passionate about birds since my very first cockatiel, Sandy. She was only 7 years old when she passed away and I felt responsible because of my ignorance when it came to her care. I have made it my life long goal to care for these amazing animals and currently own 2 cockatiels that are around 14 years old. It may seem like a long time but they are only half way through their estimated lifespan. When people purchase birds, a lot of them don’t realize how long birds live for. Where do these birds end up when they are unwanted or when they can’t be cared for? Some end up outside and will end up dying as a result of people’s ignorance but most will end up in sanctuaries and non-profit adopt shelters. The only difference is that these places are unknown because of lack of advertisements or publicity. The Humane Society is the most common adoption shelter known but they do not have bird adoptions. I believe that these shelters need a voice to spread the word that birds are available for adoption or that you can surrender your birds to a safe environment so that they live out their long lives. My poster will emphasize on how long these birds truly live, where they can be surrendered, where they can be adopted, nutrition, and promote the organization itself to encourage people to visit them.

Design is Change: Federation of Families

posters  Federation of Families

The main mission was to empower, guide, and support youth and families to become strong advocates for their needs and wellbeing. The vision was to help build healthy communities through a youth and family driven approach by connecting them to resources and services to succeed in school, at home, and life. Through out the poster i went with a positive attitude and draw attention to the help they can provide.


Design is Change Posters

Design is Change – A Different Garden

I designed a poster series called A Different Garden for a local non-profit organization in Miami, Florida called Children’s Resources. Children’s Resources is a dedicated pre-school for children with special needs to help enhance their learning potential through educational and therapeutic programs. Their goal is to help kids learn at the pace that they need in order to grow into adults that can live to their fullest potential. I chose to help bring awareness to this organization because I have always been an advocate for specialized education. I learned that the Inclusion program is a type of learning method that has been explored in educational research that the school uses and sometimes is compared to nurturing a garden. I wanted the posters to emphasize the idea of being different seem positive and that even though the undeveloped plant may not be quite there, that they could eventually get to their full potential. I would love for the posters to exist not only in physical form but also online with the ever-changing digital age it could reach a larger audience at a faster rate. So if I can make any small difference in the community by delivering this message; that for me would be enough.


My inspiration for this poster series was to influence our youth to make educated decisions and consider a future career in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,and Math).

I worked together with The Galactic Youth Foundation to design impactful concepts using abstract outer space elements and collage techniques to create a sustainable call to action for kids. Each poster was created cutting out pieces I found in magazines and search engines by hand, photographed and then brought into the Adobe Suite for additional surreal magic.

As a citizen designer, I manifested my non-profit’s mission visually and metaphorically to strike curiosity in children, encouraging an open mind and diverse perspective goals. I powerfully believe it is crucial for our upcoming generation of leaders to be aware of their resources, to not fall into ignorance or mediocracy.

“Inspire today, Influence tomorrow”


Design is Change Video, Graphic Design III, GRA4118, Stephen Ellis


My name is Stephen Ellis and I have partnered up with The Health Foundation of South Florida to create conceptual posters to keep the community aware about the sole health of our region. When designing the posters, I wanted to highlight areas of South Florida with an action to get adults and children intrigued with my unique designs and style. The purpose of this video is to bring awareness to health in South Florida and how you can change the community you live in with design. The world around us has shown me all the amazing opportunities there are and how designers just like you and I can solve problems in our community and have a positive reaction come from it.


Design is Change Posters, Graphic Design III, GRA4818, Stephen Ellis


Hello, my name is Stephen Ellis and I have partnered up with The Health Foundation of South Florida to create 10 conceptual posters to keep the community aware about the sole health of our region. When designing the posters, I wanted to highlight areas of South Florida with an action to get adults and children intrigued with my unique designs and style. I also wanted to use the Health Foundation’s priority areas that they focus on when getting grants. Going for a more bubbly, cartoonish, and playful style with the posters helped focus on the target audience. Overall, I wanted to highlight how you can be active, healthy, and overall be happier in your life and in community and to draw attention to this awareness.

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