Galactic Youth

My inspiration for this poster series was to influence our youth to make educated decisions and consider a future career in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,and Math).

I worked together with The Galactic Youth Foundation to design impactful concepts using abstract outer space elements and collage techniques to create a sustainable call to action for kids. Each poster was created cutting out pieces I found in magazines and search engines by hand, photographed and then brought into the Adobe Suite for additional surreal magic.

As a citizen designer, I manifested my non-profit’s mission visually and metaphorically to strike curiosity in children, encouraging an open mind and diverse perspective goals. I powerfully believe it is crucial for our upcoming generation of leaders to be aware of their resources, to not fall into ignorance or mediocracy.

“Inspire today, Influence tomorrow”


Design is Change – Posters

These are a series of 10 posters that I created and would donate to the Camillus House Organization. My objective was to raise awareness to this non-profit organization cause. They have been offering charity for years to populations suffering from poverty and homelessness, which can include health care, hospitality, counseling, teaching, plus other programs, donations and services. Their purpose is to assist the majority of individuals and families in need and as result try to help them obtain a permanent housing, income, and best well being as possible. Therefore, it is important to somehow spread the message to the community to make the people think and reflect to support in some way to this good cause.

Design is Change Posters

I created a series of posters for the non profit organization Our Kids of Miami-Dade and Monroe. Their mission is to ensure that children that have been abused, abandoned and neglected are given safe, loving, nurturing and permanent homes. This organization focuses on providing children love, care and guidance towards a path of excellence and I believe in that vision. I believe that every at-risk child can excel in all aspects of their lives. One important aspect is their professional endeavors. I believe that youth today should be passionate about something, and run with whatever it is that they love and turn it into their careers.

Design is Change Posters

This organization is important to me because of its support of the environment and in sharing knowledge about preservation and experiencing national parks. It makes these parks accessible to kids from all sorts of income who often only know what it is like to live in an inner city. It keeps four South Florida parks afloat, in good state, and continues to allow it to interact with the South Florida community.

The posters are bright and playful illustrations that juxtapose these large national parks to simple house backyards to emphasize how these parks are close by. They also highlight activities that the parks offer and the magic of the flora and fauna that inhabit these areas.

Design is Change Posters


These posters were created as part of the Design is Change project. I teamed up with a non-profit organization called “Dream in Green Miami”. Their work consists of partnering – up with schools within Miami-Dade County, and they create and develop educational workshops to educate children about the issue of climate change, and also encourage them to become more sustainable and adopt greener lifestyles by recycling, eating healthy, and exercising.


Design Is Change Posters


For this semester I had the privilege of teaming up with the non-profit organization, “PETA,” also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. My inspiration came when I was reading up on each animal through the site and I realized I wanted to express these animals through these articles that have been written on them. PETA focuses on four areas in which animals are being harmed the most and brings awareness through education, investigations, special events, research, campaigns, and legislation.

Design Is Change Posters

These posters were created as a concept design for Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save wildlife and wild places worldwide. Through science, conservation, action, and education they inspire people to value nature. WCS targets large, iconic, wide-ranging species, such as elephants, because of their essential value to the ecosystem health. My focus on this collection are African Elephants due to the illegal trade of their ivory tusks. Poachers hunt and kill this endangered species to harvest their tusks and sell on the black market, considering ivory is very valuable to unethical humans.

With this campaign, I intend to encourage people to help stop the ivory trafficking and promote the boycott of ivory while raising awareness of the consequences it brings to nature.


Viviana Lopez


Posters for Miami Dade

Why do all go dogs go to heaven because their lives can be on hell on earth. But our help can change that there are hundreds of pets taken in by the Miami Dade Animal Services a week while only a fraction are adopted out. With these posters I hope emphasize the joy of adoption, the reward of volunteering, and fulfilling nature of all services offered by the Miami Dade animal services. With the bright colors of the energetic sketches; along with muted tones of abstracted figures that are cropped on moments of intimacy familiar to anyone.alldadeposterjaredroper

Amigos For Kids Posters


The Amigos For Kids non-profit organization works to prevent child abuse and neglect by  conducting different programs that promote positive parent-child relationships. This is a series of posters that show positive imagery as a way to persuade parents to provide optimal care and attention to their children, and to improve their parenting and communication skills for a healthy social and emotional development of their kids.


Human Rights Campaign Posters

“Words Hurt” Poster Series by Carlos Salazar

With this poster series, I hope to bring awareness to Transgender rights. By partnering with the Human Rights Campaign, I created posters that have a double message. I decided to use hurtful words or insults in a typographic manner. People that identify as trans endure many of these insults daily as they are often ostracized and pushed to the fringes of society. The posters all have different layers to them, this symbolizes the layers that a trans person has, how they desire to be viewed and how others view them. The transparent layer is a play on words that comes out of the word transgender (trans, transparent). The transparent layers constrain the hurtful words and are symbolic of how these individuals try to break away from the labels that society imposes and try to be their “transparent” or authentic selves. Through these posters, I am able to make a statement about the necessity to accept Transgender individuals, that they are also human, and that they deserve to be treated as such. Ultimately, we are all entitled to the same basic human rights.

Zoo Miami Posters

“You Can’t Erase the Damage” Poster Series by Ariel Canino

This poster series manifests the various missions of Zoo Miami to ultimately encourage the education and appreciation for the world’s wildlife and help conserve it for future generations. Through the erasing of these illustrations I am able to make a direct statement about the negative impact humans have had on local wildlife ecosystems. It is a call to action that although the damage has been done and may be irreparable , we can try to alleviate the wounds and restore the natural balance of our wildlife. Each poster is committed to highlight a specific conservation and research project Zoo Miami Organization is actively participating in.