According to Article 5 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Yet, our very own President of the United States, our leader of the “Free World” as said countless times that “torture works”, that he will do everything in his power to “bring it back”. Using over 30 different articles I found on the subject of torture related to Trump, I was genuinely surprised to find so much information in such a short amount of time. Articles ranging from: his campaign trails, some before and after he won the presidency, and even others after his inauguration! I took screenshots of the articles from various sources such as the New York Times, the LA Times, CNN, The Guardian, even Business Insider! Using a black background and a large san serif font, I tried to put emphasis on the words first, so the reader will know instantly what the topic is about, but have to look closer at the articles if they want to know where the topic stems from, and potentially inspire them to do their own research on the subject. For your information Mr. President, torture DOES NOT work!

Posters for Miami Dade

Why do all go dogs go to heaven because their lives can be on hell on earth. But our help can change that there are hundreds of pets taken in by the Miami Dade Animal Services a week while only a fraction are adopted out. With these posters I hope emphasize the joy of adoption, the reward of volunteering, and fulfilling nature of all services offered by the Miami Dade animal services. With the bright colors of the energetic sketches; along with muted tones of abstracted figures that are cropped on moments of intimacy familiar to anyone.alldadeposterjaredroper

Environmental Awareness Poster Series

The aim of this series of posters is to raise awareness on environmental issues, particularly focusing on those which are most relevant to Floridians. This is to be done through a combination of photographed objects and abstractions and text overlaid over the organic shapes of the subjects. In doing so, the posters are able to present simple, yet poignant images that are able to relay the aspects of the issues being examined.

National Coalition Against Censorship

My posters are for the National Coalition Against Censorship, a non-profit organization that protests against censorship. As graphic designers, we should fear the idea of censorship because it limits our freedom and creativity. We should be allowed our right to freedom of expression.

My posters illustrate different areas my organization is fighting for (ex. freedom for books, visual arts, music, etc.), and how bleak our life can get if we allow censorship to continue it’s course and get out of hand.